Purposely valued together

Home Counts App helps you to organize your home by scheduling and assigning home tasks, creating a shopping list that can be updated and assigned as well as have a monthly meal plan. All tasks are monetized and given a credit value to account for the saved cost of hiring someone else to do the job, which is regarded as money save.

  • Time Your Tasks

  • Family Shared App

  • Shopping List & Meal Plan

  • Reminders & Notifications

  • Schedule Day-to-Day Tasks

  • Assign Tasks to Members of the Home

  • Reports - Total Tasks, Time & Reward Points

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About Us

Having worked for years in the solicitor environment, the founder, Catherine, was used to accounting for each hour spent at work and having performance reviews. She found the home-life-work balance very difficult to juggle, particularly with three children. Worse still, on making a decision to take a career break to see her children through important seasons of life, she realised that people who spent their time doing the all-important tasks that make for a happy, organised and harmonious family life appeared to be less valued.

Home Counts recognises and celebrates the time and effort put into running a home. It allows users to monitor their personal performance and gives a monetary value of their work in the home. This is through the simple concept Home Counts uses that if someone else was hired to do that job, they would have to be paid.

It allows the homeowner to schedule the mundane, but essential, day-to-day home tasks, delegate jobs to other members of the home and encourages users to see the value of their work and claim rewards (particularly useful in helping motivate children to help in the home more!)

Every area of running a home is covered including housework, vehicle maintenance, gardening, childcare, food shopping, meal planning, holiday planning and even seasonal tasks.

The app can also be used by up to six members of your home – and can also be used if you’re an individual.

We hope Home Counts helps the people in your home feel purposely valued together.

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Purposely valued together

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