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Here are some FAQs and tips on how you can get the most out of your experience using the Home Counts app. We will add to this list based on your queries. Thank you for your custom.

  1. Is the app free? Home Counts is free to download and you have a one-week free use to get accustomed to how it works and make a decision to subscribe. Following this, a subscription of £0.99 for family shared app of up to 6 people with discounted rates for quarterly, half yearly (get a month free)  and yearly subscription (get three months free). We are a local, very small start-up company and we hope the subscription fees will be used for the further development of the app as we plan for phase 2 which will integrate our customer feedback and improve the user experience further by bringing more hacks to ease your life. If you enjoy using the app and want to make it even better, please subscribe. Only you can help to make this happen.
  1. App download verification: It is important you verify your email to ensure you can recover your password and validate your use. This is only at the setup stage. An email sent to your email account contains a code for entry to validate. Please check your spam email if you have not found it. Should you encounter any problems please contact admin@homecountsapp.com
  1. Family sharing: Please don’t forget to enter the family sharing option on your phone to enable other household members to share the app. Also, bear in mind if you want other members to do a task using a shared phone, you could log in using their details to enable them to see their tasks and time them. We are all in it together, purposely valued together.
  1. Notifications: Please enable the notifications on your phone in order to receive notifications.
  1. Task button not visible: There are a couple of steps that will help this:
    1. Scroll up or down, this is more likely for Android users;
    2. If you entered “Notes” to your task on an Android phone, click on the time again to get rid of the keyboard and the assign button will appear. With iPhone, tap any of the other members of your family profile and the keyboard will disappear to reveal the assign task button.
  1. Can all family members assign tasks: No, only the family owner can so that tasks are not unassigned and reassigned by others. If another member of the household wants to assign as well, they need to sign up under a separate account.
  1. Assigning the same task to different members of the family: This is not possible at this stage because when the task is not yet completed, assigning it to another person would mean a reassignment of the task. So if you want to assign your children to all lay their beds, you may use “other” and put a note. If this is a big issue for you please email admin@homecountsapp.com confirming what particular tasks you envisage need to be assigned to all members. It could be that we add categories to that task such as: “making beds 1, making beds 2 etc”. We are here to make your lives as easy as we can.
  1. Meal plan: This is visible to all family members and is a monthly meal plan. Weeks are based on the position in the calendar month. So everyone knows the answer to: “What are we having for dinner?”, unless of course you entered “surprise” under dinner.
  1. Shopping list: This is assignable and not visible to all family members. This is to avoid all members of the family, including the children, adding to the shopping list. The list will appear under Task List and can be viewed whilst timing your shopping time if you want.
  1. Can users enter their own chores, reward and point system? Not at this stage but we hope to provide elements of this in our phase 2 development of the app. We have included “other” tasks under the different categories to cover the unknown and with the provision for “Notes” under each task, we hope to have covered your bases. However, if there is a chore or reward that you would like us to add to the system, we would love to hear from you at admin@homecountsapp.com
  1. Timer to start task: Do you have to use the timer? No, you can start and stop the timer immediately if you do not want to time your task. However, you will not be able to accumulate the credit in order to claim rewards or know the time spent on the tasks. An hour of time is worth 10 credits.
  1. Rewards: These are based on credit accumulated. If you use the timer, the credit accumulates automatically. We have incorporated rewards for children and adults alike. The rewards help encourage children to help more around the house, however we recognise that adults too need to take time out for the hard work put in trying to juggle work and home life in the 21st Whilst there are a number of rewards listed, we have included small, medium and big rewards for children and adults alike to the list and you have the power to determine what that should be in your family in the same way you determine pocket money. The point is you are all Purposely Valued Together.
  1. Reports: The reports are daily, weekly, monthly or yearly and it tallies the total tasks, hours and credit (the true reflection of time and credit is based on whether you were timing yourself). Each family member can view their report when logged in. The family owner can view all reports – these can be viewed by using the drop-down option on each member added to the family profile. Reports can be shared via email, message and social media. The report should tell you what you have been up to in case you have had a busy day and are too tired to answer the question: “So what did you do today?” Or just achieve the goal of remembering to do important tasks like, have play time with your loved one, pay the road tax or book your holiday.

Thank you for taking this incredible journey with us. We appreciate your support. If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us at admin@homecountsapp.com

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Purposely valued together

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